About Me

As a young adult, I didn't have a long-term mentor that could challenge my thought process and help guide my desires and drive in creating goals to become successful. So, I took it upon myself; through books, workshops, and live seminars, I learned leadership, management, psychology, and self-development.


Throughout my professional career, I've learned about different business cultures, how people think and act towards others, teamwork, motivation, management decision process, leadership styles, and attitudes. 


But I always wondered, why do we conform to a monotonous, repeated 9-5 job? And I realized it was my mission to help new and upcoming corporate managers become LEADERS, and to help others balance work, personal life, and challenges.


I deeply enjoy meeting people and understanding them on a deeper level. What are their motivations and desires? How can I help them find optimism for their future? How can I help others find solutions to the challenges or blockages in their lives?


I truly care for my clients, and I want them to succeed in any aspect in their life, to attain happiness, success, and growth. But I don't simply tell my clients to follow an ABC formula. Together, we build self-confidence and clarification, uncover hopes and wishes, and improve passion for work, life, or other ventures.


I lead individuals to first understand their inner self and desires, before we can create and plan a pathway to reach their goals. My main goal is to equip people with the skills to transform their present life and how to handle any challenges that may come in their way.

I started my Life Coaching journey in 2005 working with friends, family, and business associates. My clients range from all levels of management, from non-profit executives, board members, elected officials, IT project managers, product managers, program managers, corporate executives, and small business owners. 

With over 30 years worth of combined experience in leadership, team building, project management, life coaching, goal setting, motivation and confidence building, I'm certain in our ability to work together to get you where you want to be. Let's create the change to unlock your success and move towards your goals and dreams!


Tailored Coaching That Works for YOU!


InfinityBold provides quality and low-cost private coaching for individuals and start-up coaches. Like other life coaching businesses, InfinityBold is a non-medical and non-clinical/psychiatric center.  Our personal coaching services help you improve your life by guiding and instilling quality in your current situation.  

InfinityBold offers a non-traditional coaching style to accommodate your time. All of the coaching sessions are done through phone or via Skype. We also offer financing to help ease any worries of paying all up-front for our premium package programs.

​Together, we will make it all happen. Schedule a complimentary discovery session today. Without pressure or obligation, you can learn what life coaching is all about and decide if it's right for YOU.