About Me

Growing up, I didn't have  a mentor to guide me in setting long-term goals and developing a successful mindset.  Instead, I took the initiative to learn through books, workshops, mentors, and seminars, about leadership, management, psychology, and self-development.  Over time, I gained valuable knowledge about different business cultures, teamwork, motivation, management decision-making, leaderhips styles, and attributes. 


But I questioned the monotony of the typical 9 to 5 job and felt a calling to help new corporate managers, small business owners become leaders while balancing work, personal life, and challenges.  I'm passionate about understanding people on a deeper level, discovering their motivation and desires, and helping them find optimism for their future.


I care deeply for my clients, and my goal is to equip them with the skills to transform their lives and overcome any obstacles in their way.  Together, we will build self-confidence and clarity, uncover hopes and wishes, and improve passion for work, life, or other ventures.  I specialize in helping individuals first understanding their desires before planning a future pathway to reach their goals. 


Since starting my journey in life coaching in 2005 and with over 30 years experience in leadership, team building, project management, life coaching, goal-setting, motivation, and confidence building,